Living Wage

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Dignity not Poverty.

Garment workers should earn a living wage which can sustain a decent life.

In most garment producing countries a living wage is a far cry. The garment industry is the key source of foreign income for many countries across Asia , employing millions, yet the low wages earned are trapping workers across the region into a cycle of poverty with severe consequences for workers and their families.


What is a living wage?

    A living wage ensures a worker and those that depend on them can live with dignity.

Living Wage Breakdown


So where is my money going? 

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Just €0.50 extra per garment paid directly to the worker would make sure that those making our clothes get paid enough to pay for the basics in life. It is not a lot. It is achievable, but our favorite shops and brands have not yet been able to guarantee it. 

Show your support for garment workers across the world and ask your retailers to pay a #livingwage