Cambodian workers are freed after 5 months in prison for demanding better pay

After release 23 political prisoners today,On be haft of CLC and CCAWDU I would like to address his remark regarding to struggling to release 23 political detainees and minimum wage demand in Cambodia.

“In fact, we are really surprised and excited that the government and the court decided to release 23 political detainees. Nevertheless, the political detainees were accused without proper reasons or evidence. Their release was a result of significant pressure from a number of major brands sourcing in Cambodia after significant pressure from national and international organizations, including the ITUC, UNI, and CCC as well as foreign embassies. This victory is the first step. The trade union movement will continue to fight for a minimum wage of USD $160 for garment and textile workers and to ensure the protection of workers’ rights, decent work and dignity”. He also added that “ Thus, we would like to request you, friends and colleagues, to continue struggling to ensure brands to push their suppliers, as well as Cambodian government to increase minimum wage 160 US Dollar per month, drop all charges against union leaders, and stop the discrimination against and brutal repression of unions. This significant victory is good sign for workers as well as the Cambodian people as a whole and provides a platform from which we can build future success in our struggle”. More importantly, Kong Athit, Secretary General of CLC, says: “The workers of Cambodia welcome this fantastic and unexpected news. Finally there is justice for Pao Vorn and the other 22 activists, who were wrongfully detained for 140 days! But this is not the end of our struggle; the situation of unions and unionists in Cambodia remains very difficult and dangerous. We will make that very clear when Cambodia has to appear next week before the ILO’s Committee for the Application of Standards. So, we call upon our international allies to keep on supporting us in our struggle for a free and democratic Cambodia.

In solidarity,

CLC-C.CAWDU President,