Stitched Up

Poverty wages for garment workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey

Clean Clothes Campaign works with garment workers all over the world.  While many people are aware of the terrible working conditions and poverty wages garment workers in Asia receive, a new report –Stitched Up   interviewing hundreds of workers in 10 countries across eastern Europe the report finds that poverty wages and shocking working conditions are endemic in the global garment industry.

Far from being a problem confined to garment workers in Asia Stitched Up has found that the idea that “Made in Europe”means better conditions for workers is a myth.

Busting the myths

The report shows that there are no good guys.

It is important that we put an end to the myths that paying more for clothes or sourcing from Europe guarantees decent working conditions. Brands and retailers have to take clear steps and show a true commitment within their own supply chain in order to ensure all those who work for them, wherever they may live, are paid a living wage.

Campaigners and workers are calling on European fashion brands to make sure as a first immediate step that workers in the researched region receive a basic net wage of at least 60% of the national average wage. Buying prices must be calculated on this basis and allow for these wage hikes.

Brands need to act now and make sure that garment workers in their own supply chain – be it Asia or Europe- receive a living wage.


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Stitched Up – Poverty Wages for garment workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey

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